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Supari,Betel Nut,Areca Nut Use In India:

   Betel nut, also known as Pinang or Areca nut, is the seed of the Betel Palm (Areca catechu).
Betel nuts are often chewed for their helpful effects, which are caused by the relatively high levels of alkaloids in the seed. Chewing betel nuts is an important and popular cultural activity in many Asian countries.
It is also used as an offering in Hinduism. Modern day consumption In India (the largest consumer of betel nut), the betel nut is cut into small pieces using a special instrument called sarota, and the husk is wrapped in a betel leaf along with lime and may include clove, cardamom, catechu (kattha), etc. for extra flavouring. Betel leaf has a fresh, peppery taste, but, depending on the variety of areca from which it comes, it can be very bitter. Seasoned chewers might mix the betel nut with tobacco. This preparation of betel nut is commonly referred as paan in India and is available everywhere.

About Supari,Betel Nut,Areca Nut:

Varieties Of Supari - Betel Nuts - Areca Nut is an important crop in India and finds a place in all religious, social and cultural functions and events in India. Cultivation of Betel nuts - Areca nuts is mostly confined to states of Karnataka, Kerala and Assam, but the consumption is spread all over country. India is considered as the largest Areca Nut producing country in the world.

We sell our product world wide. Areca Nut is also called Betel Nuts / Supari and is available in different Varieties and Categorized as Double cross quality, super quality, medium best quality and medium quality.

01. Mora Betel Nuts ( Diameter Around 29 mm and above)

02. Moti Betel Nuts (Diameter Around 26mm to 29mm)

03. Sevardhan Betel Nuts (Diameter Around 24mm to 26mm)

04. Jam Betel Nuts (Diameter Around 21.5mm to 24mm)

05. Jeeni Betel Nuts (Diameter Around 7.5mm to 21.5mm)

06. Lindi Betel Nuts (Diameter Around 7.5mm Below)

07. White Supari

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