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About :- Soft PVC Hose Pipe, PVC Profile.

For commercial purpose - The company started enormous journey from Year 2013, with small resources but big vision & mission. Our new product is Soft PVC Garden hose pipe, PVC Petrol pipe, PVC Transparent pipe, PVC Braided hose pipe, PVC Profile, Flexible PVC Suction hose pipe etc...

Our products are well known for being highly efficient, maintenance free, portable and user friendly. Moreover, we are also engaged in providing customized products, as per the technical specifications provided by clients.


About :- Supari Cutting Machines.

Supari Cutting Machine,Roaster Machine,Dryer Machine,Oven,Mixer Machine,Garlic Peeling Machine,Polising Machines designed after deliberate thinking with a view to operate it easily and at a very low cost on account of electricity and gas.

Machine runs on a SINGLE PHASE Or THREE PHASE using 0.5 HP To 2 HP Electric Motor of Standard Company, Machine is exclusive pack body so when in operation it generate very low Noise and refrains from any injury.


Roasting Machine / Electric Dryer / Oven:



Flour Mill, Grain Grader / De stoner:



Areca Nut, Betel Nut (Supari) Cutting Machine

Supari Cutting Machine operates on electric. hence as per your requirement as cutting comes automatically.Machine cutting is Provide similar Cutting, As Per Hand cutting.The machine provides multiple options of cuttings.such as; [ Granule one Cut ] – [ Two Cut ] – [ Round Slice ] Thick and thin………

Areca Nut Multiple Cutting.

Rough, Mamari Cutting, Bharadiyo Cutting, Chips Cutting (one Cut), Tinpatti Cutting (Two Cut), Circle Cutting, Slice, Sali Cutting, Tukda Cutting, Fadcha Cutting etc...

Supari Cuttings Method.

Dry Cutting (Raw Betel Nut)

Dry cutting for granule/rough/crushed cutting betel nut must be kept in a plastic bag or in a jar so as to avoid air and to keep the said bag or jar under the sun light for one to two hours hence the cutting comes out in granule, rough and crushed from.

Dry Cutting (Raw Betel Nut)

Dry granule / rough / one cutting, two cutting, round slice cutting. Betel nut should be roasted with the sand in a pan in lukewarm capacity to ge the betel nut cutting in granule / rough / one cut, tow cut / round Slice Form.

Air Dried (Raw Betel Nut)

For rough / one cut / two cut / slice cut betel nut must be stored in a plastic bag sprinkling one or two glass of water to be packed air tight for period of 12 to 24 hours so that desired cutting can be found, if cutting is not arrived as desired water to sprayed at the interval of 12 hours in the said bag.

Water Dried (For Slice Cutting)

For round slice / one-two cut : Betel nut must be saked in bucket filled with water for at least 24 hours and then pack the said betel nut in a plastic bag for 12 to 24 hours and cut is as per your requirement.

Roasted Betel Nut ((Dry Cutting)

For granules, rough / crushed cutting : Take the roasted betel nut in a pan and get it hot to the extent of lukewarm and you will get the betel nut in granules, rought, crushed form as you desire. It minimized the risk of power form.

Rosted Betel Nut (Air Dired Cutting)

For granule / rough / curshed Cutting : When you roast the raw betel nut the hot betel nut to be kept in a water bucket for at least half and houor and then pack the same in plastic bag when you require cutting get it hot again in a pan with sand upto the lukewarm exten so that you will get crispy and tasty cutting and it avoids froming into powder.

Rosted Betel nut Soaked in water (For Slice cutting)

For round slice / one cut two cut : when you roast the raw betel nut the hot betel nut to be kept in a water bucket for at least one hour and then pack the same in a plastic bag wehn you require cutting sprinkles water and pack the same in a plastic bag for 12 hours and get it hot again in a pan with sand upto lukewarm extent so that you will get round slice, one-two cut and it avoids froming into poweder.

Contact Betal Nut Areca Nut Supari Cutting Machines, Roaster, Roasting, Garlic Peeling Machine, Electric Oven,Dryer Flour Mill (atta Maker) Etc. .Soft PVC Garden, Petrol, Transparent, Braided, hose pipe, PVC Profile, Flexible PVC Suction hose pipe etc. .....  Manufacturing Company Rajkot Gujarat India